The company NMP-PRODUKT Ltd. was founded in 1994. and is entirely privately owned. The company is located in the northem part of Republic Croatia in Nedelisce with manufacturing facilities  in Cakovec.

We are engaged in the development and manufacture of machinery and equipment.

The production is based on few basic types of products:

  • Manufacture of machines and equipment for power plants, steel mills, sawmills
  • Manufacture of machine parts
  • Shot blasting services
  • Service: machining, welding

High quality, long-standing tradition and experience resulted in exporting 95 percent of our products to demanding markets of EU countries.

Skilled managing and technical company team, qualified workforce, modern technology, quality and fairness at sticking to time schedules are just a few of preconditions wich will surely make you happy in co-operating with us.


Ljubomir Novak, dipl. ing.

The recognition of the needs of our current and potential customers has allowed us to have a professional relationship based on mutual trust.

Our Team

Meet The Team

Hrvoje Novak

Project Management

Tamara Kutnjak

Head of Procurement

Ivan Golik

Head of Engineering